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About TMS

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a non-invasive medical treatment for mood disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), and anxiety. This is an outpatient procedure that uses magnetic pulses to stimulate neurons in different pathways of the brain, and is FDA approved for the treatment of OCD and MDD. TMS does not have the side effects of traditional antidepressants such as weight gain, decreased libido, or emotional flattening.

A treatment course for depression consists of between 30-35 sessions lasting 19-minutes each, ideally completed over 1-3 months. We also offer theta burst treatment for depression, which consists of the same number of sessions, but only 3 minutes each.

antidepressant side effects: fatigue, insomnia, blurred vision, dry mouth, weight gain, nausea, gi distress, sexual dysfunction
tms side effects: temporary scalp discomfort

To learn more about TMS and its effectiveness, read the articles below:

For more traditional psychotherapy, or psychotherapy in conjunction with TMS treatment, contact State of Mind Wellness Center.

Why TMS at Rise?

It’s effective

It’s individualized

We use state-of-the-art, patient-friendly equipment

TMS targets disconnected neural networks in the brain. Our treatments at Rise TMS reconnect those networks with safe, non-invasive magnetic pulses. To treat depression, we target the Salience Network. Disconnected neural pathways in this network create dysregulation in thoughts, emotions, and behavior, creating depression, as well as many other symptoms and mood disorders. Targeted re-stimulation of that network alleviates those symptoms and the underlying cause.

At Rise we help you reconnect. Our office is small and caring, we get to know you as a person and help you to reengage with your life. You will have frequent contact with the doctor and be treated personally in a beautiful, comfortable environment. Our doctor and staff have extensive training and experience administering TMS treatments. We use the state-of-the-art Apollo machine from Germany, which combines a comfortable, pleasing design and superior functionality for the optimal patient experience.

apollo tms machine
Apollo TMS System

COVID Safety at Rise TMS

covid safety precautions, disinfectants and uv light
  • Please wear a face mask to the office. We are a small clinic, and our doctor and staff wear face masks.
  • You will be in a private room that has been disinfected with hospital-grade disinfectant and surgical room ultraviolet light.
  • Please reschedule if you have shortness of breath, a cough, fever, body aches, or loss of taste and smell.
  • We disinfect our office routinely during the course of the day and after each patient.
  • Please call or text before your appointment. We do not keep a full waiting room and will only serve one patient at a time for TMS.


Sometimes, our brain’s emotional regulation center pathway (the Salience Network) has lost strength, integrity, and activity. This results in depressed mood, low energy, isolation, negative thought patterns and loss of connection to meaningful relationships. We often feel empty and hopeless.

TMS is an FDA approved treatment for depression. By strengthening the Salience Network through TMS, we re-regulate the weakened pathways. This increases neuron growth and neurotransmitter synthesis, and results in positive behavioral changes. It helps our brain get back to a stronger state where we can relate to our environment with more energy, hope, and feeling. It helps us to rediscover meaning in our life.


At Rise we accept most major health insurance plans. Insurance approves TMS treatment after 3 failed medication attempts, and a trial of psychotherapy for the treatment of depression.

Our staff works tenaciously with insurance companies on behalf of patients to get the most coverage possible. You can expect our staff to actively contact insurance in a timely manner. Your time and wellbeing is very important to us, and we want to help you make treatment happen!

About Our Staff

Dr. Priya Parmar

Board Certified Psychiatrist

I was born in Rhode Island and raised in West Virginia. Growing up in an Indian family in a predominantly white area, I learned to navigate through different cultures. I was blessed with a strong curiosity, intelligence and a photographic memory.

Unlike some people who have gone on to become doctors, my life was not restricted to academics. I broadly experienced life with friendships, travel, and experience in a variety of social milieus. Following high school, I spent a year in Delhi studying Ancient Indian History and Eastern Philosophy at St. Stephen’s University.

Returning to the U.S., I finished my B.S. in Biology, then studied Cultural Anthropology at UCLA. Following this I completed my medical doctor (M.D.), residencies and work experience as described below. I have had the experience of joining a blended family and giving birth as well as raising children in this lovely area.

dr. priya parmar

Jenna Urban

Medical Liaison

Jenna Urban has a bachelor’s degree in business. She has also received an MBA in marketing as well as a doctorate in engineering management. She is currently licensed as a certified nursing assistant and is trained as a transcranial magnetic stimulation technician. She currently holds a certification in IV therapy and blood withdraw, as well as teaches as a certified yoga instructor on the weekends. She is also a dog lover and practices martial arts.

medical liaison jenna urban